1. On Dekorum
We always figure on removing the entire existing window frame. That way, with a well-insulated, strong but slim (3 ¼”) vinyl replacement window profile, we give our clients the largest glass package available. The new window ends up looking more like the original, and with the right mix of multi-chamber frame pockets and Neopor™ insulation, will seriously outperform the old one. All our people have taken the Certified Installer Training course where they do a great job of explaining how they engineer their frames for this purpose.

Big glass can mean less energy efficiency, unless you specify the right insulated glass package. We generally recommend 1” IGU thickness, Argon gas or Krypton and High-Performance Low-E Coating for an R-Value of up to 9.

2. Glass Breakage—Lifetime
Larger glass can also mean breakage concerns—unless you can offer a window from a company that includes a ‘no questions asked’ Lifetime Glass Breakage Warranty. It may cost a little bit more on the front end, but it will come in handy down the road.

ProVia further warrants the insulated glass units utilizing Super Spacer® in its vinyl windows or patio doors against breakage as follows:

(a) If the glass in a properly registered and warranty-covered unit breaks as the result of a manufacturing defect;

(b) In the event of an accident in the home that is not covered by insurance or is of an amount that is within the insurance policy deductible,

In these instances, ProVia will replace the glass free of charge, for as long as the original purchaser owns and lives in the home in which it was originally installed.

3. On Installing Smarter
Start by preserving the existing inside window casing—being careful in cutting the nails behind the trim with a carbide multi-saw, leaving as few marks as possible.

Next, be sure to remove the entire frame of the existing window—down to the framing. This way you get rid of all the old problems. Stripping down to the framing allows the installer to backfill different kinds of insulation. It’s best to use non-expanding foam insulation, as expanding foam can over-expand and potentially cause problems with the operation of the window.

Finally, wrap the entire installation in aluminum trim coil and silicone caulk, for a long-lasting, low-maintenance, weather-proof exterior.